Cryotherapy Chamber

Cryotherapy Chamber

What is cryotherapy?

Also known as cold therapy, cryotherapy is the application of a low temperature in the medical science for therapeutic and other medical purposes. Some of its widespread applications include treating a wide degree of tissue lesions, conducting surgery on the affected parts, treating skin conditions and using cold temperature to destroy the damaged tissues. Also used in the preservation of the germatic cells like sperms and ovum, this science is under extensive study to find out the long term benefits of the same. Hence this article details further about the same and mentions the various applications of the Cryotherapy Chamber.

The detailed procedure

The procedure for cryotherapy can vary as per the degree of application of the same. It can be used for treating of small muscle pains and cramps and can even extend to the whole body bath in the Cryotherapy Chamber, also called as the cold chamber. The localized cryotherapy can be done by various methods like ice packs, ice massage, coolant spray and probes administered directly into the tissue. For the whole body cryotherapy (WBC), the body is exposed to the cold air inside of the cold chamber for several minutes and hence one can receive a number of health benefits from the same. The individual stands in the cryotherapy chamber that has just one opening from the top and then the temperature drops to negative ranges of 200 to 300 degree Fahrenheit. The entire procedure might be irritating for those who cannot handle the cold for a longer time, but still, the therapeutic effect provided by the same is immense and is hence done by even athletes to improve their stamina and overall performance.

Mechanism of action inside of the cryotherapy chamber

The entire driving mechanism of the therapy process is that the change in tissue temperature causes a reduction in the core body temperature also and hence leads to an activation of the nervous systems. The other parameters of the body also begin varying and hence soon reach the equilibrium point to stabilize the body. The general effects of this therapy include a reduction in the pain, inflammation and recovery period from any form of grave injury.

Benefits of cryotherapy

Cryotherapy has a wide number of benefits, some of the importance of which included in the following list: –

Reduction of migraine symptoms- The migraine effects is reduced drastically by cooling and numbing of the nerves in the neck region, in particular, the carotid arteries. By this, the blood flowing through the vessels cool down and the state of homeostasis is achieved, thus nullifying the effects of a migraine.

Recovery from muscle cramps and pain- It is one of the pivotal benefits of this entire therapy. The entire WBC did on a person’s body not only improve the blood circulation to the muscles but also enhance the oxygen levels of the thigh and decrease the heart rate and exhaustion of the body. Post this, these people have been reported to experience better sleeping cycles, increased stamina, lesser fatigue and more capacity to do even the tougher of the exercises.

Treating arthritis- The problem of arthritis that affects a large group of old people these days can also be treated by this method. The process is very much within the comfort levels and works directly over the affected muscles to improve their performance factors. This method is cent percent effective in curbing down the issues of arthritis.

Reduction of inflammation- Cryotherapy increases the concentration of anti-inflammatory proteins inside of the body and hence enhances the overall inflammation fighting tendency of the body. The anti-inflammatory cytokines and pro-inflammatory cytokines increase and decrease respectively, such that the overall effect is that the restricted blood flow reduces exercise-related inflammation caused.

Treating mood disorders- Even the mood disorders can be kept under control by regular cryotherapy. The physiological hormonal responses improve by an increase in the production of adrenaline, noradrenaline,and endorphins. This increase then aids in reducing the anxiety and depression and lightening up the overall mood.

Some fair warning!

Though the entire process of cryotherapy seems all well and good, still some precautions and cautions must be followed like as follows: –

  • Consulting a doctor just before taking the therapy
  • Pregnant women, heart patients,and blood pressure patients should avoid this.
  • No sleeping during the process and coming out of the chamber within the specified time, else the excessive effects might be derogatory.