Cryotherapy For Inflammation : Why Athletes Should Use Cold Therapy For Recovery

reduce inflammation with cryotherapy

Cryotherapy For Inflammation

Cryotherapy has existed for a fairly long period of time: exposing the body to extremely low body temperatures (our recent post asnwers how cold cryotherapy is) whether it be via icing injured muscles and joints, to via ice baths. This was a common treatment used by Romans dating back 2000 years, so its tried and tested, and most certainly works.

In more recent times, cryotherapy associated with top level sports participants, celebrities and as a treatment for genital warts. You can read about this here

This question which most people ask in regards to cryotherapy, is what amount of this therapy is a publicity cry, and what amount is actually hard fact, proven science? Allow us to analyse and investigate how the process actually works


What Is The Point Of Cryotherapy For Athletes?

Firstly, this low temperature treatment works miracles for accelerating the recovery process of damaged muscles and joints. When ice is applied to muscles suffering swelling, veins become tightened and the blood flow is reduced to the iced area,which in turn reduces the swelling. This is why cryotherapy and ice treatments are very popular amongst top end athletes, as recovery time is paramount for maximising performance levels. Here you can read about general benefits of cryotherapy chambers.

Cryotherapy For Inflammation : Reducing

Cryotherapy, as a treatment and recovery method, built a strong reputation quickly, and began to find its way into the mainstream with elite level athletes in both NBA and in NFL. They began to use cryotherapy for inflammation, and greatly reduce it over a relatively short time frame. Cryotherapy has been proven that it releases norepinephrine in the human body, which reduces the levels of pain inflicted via injury in the early stages. This had led to cryotherapy being an effective solution for healing conditions that patients experience persistent pain.

An interesting aspect of cryotheray, is its ability to be reduce the levels of inflammation in the body whilst also being able to keep the body in a relatively stressed state. Small amounts of stress from cryotherapy can help in increasing the amount of white blood cells in the body, which are essential in maintaining a healthy immune system.

Recovery For Muscles

Not all inflammation is the human body is a bad thing. Inflammation as a result of training and physical exercise can be a sign of an effective session. The muscles in the human body will become pumped with oxygenated blood during activity, and it keeps the body producing natural, self made anti-inflammations.

This goal for the therapy is to promote accelerated muscle tissue repair. An important factor to the effectiveness of the therapy is the timing you take the therapy.

Bad timing of cryotherapy can result in an interruption of the human body’s natural anti-inflammatory response, which can effectively result in you reducing the benefits on the therapy. It is advised that you should wait at least 60-90 minutes before performing the recovery process. When cryotherapy had been performed with in 1-48 hours of an event or training, recovery speed and quality had been known to be atleast 20% more efficient.

Enhanced Burning Of Fat

The theory of how cryotherapy promotes fat burning in the body is basically how the body reacts to the extremely low temperatures. The low temperatures increases the bodies metabolism, which in turn results in increasing the temperature of the body. This requires burning fat as its energy sources, which is known as “cold thermogensis”. Cryotherapy’s effect of metabolism is quite remarkable, and has the potential to raise metabolism up to 300%


Being under water immersion at 14 degrees Celsius for 60 minutes had increased norepinephrine upto 500%, and dopamines by 250%. dopamines are released in the human body when people feel positive and good. Not only does this have a strong affect on your physicial state, but it also promotes a healthy, and positive mental state.

A cryotherapy chamber isn’t always needed to get benefits from ice and cold temperature treatment. Also, not everyone has access to extremely cold lakes neither. Cold showers can also have simular effect (not on as great of a scale) and ice packs also does the same. This would be a good way to introduce cold temperature recovery methods before entering cryotherapy chambers. Be sure to monitor the before and afters, and see how you get on.


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