Cryotherapy For Moles : How Does It Work & What To Expect

removing moles using cryotherapy

Cryotherapy For Moles

Moles can often make people become self-conscious of themselves, and affect self confidence when they are located in highly visible parts of the human body. The solution for these issues can be addressed via the use of cryotherapy. This form of treatment is non-surgical, so will not require the need for local anaesthetic or any alternatives. Moles can also be cancerous and become damaging to the body, so if you notice any which has recently appeared, consult a doctor or dermatologist to check it over.


How does it work

Before undertaking this therapy, it is highly advised that you consult your local GP to ensure that this form of treatment is of no risk to your health in any way. This also applies if you are pregnant. Cryotherapy treatment for moles consists of using a substance called “liquid nitrogen” to target a specified area and apply the freezing treatment. This can used on skin tags, moles, warts or any other skin lesions which you wish to have frozen. The process is actually quite simple and doesn’t take long to perform, usually takes a matter of minutes. If you want to gain a better overview of cryotherapy, here’s a link you can check.

What to expect after freezing a mole

After the process in complete, it is perfectly natural to experience slight swelling and redness of the skin as a result of the therapy. These are common after effects of cryotherapy in general, but be assured that these symptoms will gradually begin to fade away in a relatively short time period. It is possible for the skin to blister after the treatment, but breaking the blister is a bad idea.

How long does it take for a mole to fall off

The usual time frame for this to happen is around 5-7 days. This is why cryotherapy for moles is a common choice as it requires no surgery to remove it from the skin.

Cryotherapy mole removal aftercare

After the therapy, it is important to wash the area that has been treated carefully and gently. It is advised that you use natural soaps which limit the chance of irritation. You should also leave the treated area of skin uncovered, and use a bandage is you experience any drainage from the skin.

If you are to experience any bleeding in the after stages,use a gauze pad and firmly apply pressure to the bleeding area for approximately 10 minutes. This should stop the bleeding. If this does not, you should call your doctor or dermatologist and seek further professional advice.

It is also common for the skin to become discoloured after the events of cryotherapy in the targetted area. If this is the case, then the affects could take up to a year for the skin to return to its natural colouring. It is quite uncommon for these affects to be permanent, but it has been known to be the case.

cryotherapy mole removal cost

The cost for the treatment usually depends on the amount of lesions which are to be removed, and also the size of the area being targetted. However, you can expect prices to be around £100 per an area.

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