Cryotherapy Meaning : What Does Cryotherapy Mean?

Cryotherapy Meaning

Let’s keep this short and sweet. Cryotherapy, in basic terms, means cold temperature therapy. The word derives from the Greek word “cryo“, which translates in English to “cold“. It is also commonly known as cryosurgery, and its purposes varies. Cryotherapy is commonly used as a recovery therapy for sportsmen and athletes, which is used in post-training. Other users of cryotherapy include removing warts, moles, unwanted skin lesions and even fat freezing. The process of cryotherapy can vary depending on what the aim of the of the treatment actually is, but we have plenty of information here on the variations of the therapy, and how it can have both positive and negative effects.

The cryotherapy process is performed with liquid nitrogen, which is instrumental in regulating such low temperatures. Cryotherapy in recent times is becoming a used method in attempts to treat precancerous muscle tissues located around the uterine cervix, and has also established itself as an option for treating prostate cancer

For athletes, cryotherapy is a popular choice of therapy due the way helps to reduce inflammation in the targeted area of the body. We have a full article here about why cryotherapy is great for treating inflammation.



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