Cryotherapy Temperatures : How Cold Is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy Temperatures

Cryotherapy temperatures, We all are probably aware that the word cryo basically means cold, and is associated with ice and freezing. So exactly, how cold could one expect their cryotherapy session to be? Like most things, it really can vary depending on the person’s preference, but cryotherapy temperatures tend to vary between – 90 degrees Celsius and – 120 degrees Celsius. Cryotherapy chambers (also referred to as cryosaunas) are designed to be able to facilitate such low temperatures in a safe and contained environment, and can be adjusted to each individual user of the chamber. Some places claim also that their chambers can reach staggering lows of – 200 degrees Celsius. This may sound barbaric, why would somebody want to put themselves in such
extreme conditions? Top athlete’s aren’t doing this for no reason whatsoever. WBC (whole body cryotherapy) helps the individual reduce inflammation (read about cryotherapy and its affects on inflammation here) and eases pain caused by injury. It has also been proven that these extremely low temperatures can help an individual loose weight faster, as the cold conditions forces the body to burn calories at an extremely high rate to regulate heat and maintain warmth. The therapy makes the body enter a state where it feels at threat, and forces the body to enhance its immune system and its metabolism to effectively protect itself from the dangers it senses. Rest your mind however, this will all be taking place in a controlled environment and you will be safe. You can read an overview of cryotherapy here for more information in regards to the treatment and its process.

Numerous varieties of cryotherapy chambers tend to brag that their temperatures can reach much lower than -120 degrees Celsius. This can be misleading information, as the figure presented may not exactly be accurate to the actual of the chamber itself, but instead is the figure that represents the temperature of the nitrogen gas. Be sure to clarify this with your local professional before entering into the treatment, as it could be a “marketing ploy” to stand out against other cryotherapy professionals. Liquid nitrogen is the gas that is responsible for creating the cold environment within the chambers themselves.

How cold is cryotherapy?

Lets jump closer to answering the question, exactly how cold is cryotherapy? Most professional cryotherapy chambers will have levels, which will represent colder conditions as you go higher. This has been designed so that the user can choose a temperature which they feel will be most suited to their needs, and also their comfort. Sessions only last a few minutes, however comfort during this very short period should be a priority when consulting with professionals. Levels usually consist of jumps around 10 degrees Celsius, these are the cryotherapy temperatures you could expect to see:

Level 1: – 90 degrees Celsius

Level 2: – 100 degrees Celsius

Level 3: – 110 degrees Celsius

Level 4: – 120 degrees Celsius

What to expect from cryotherapy

The chamber would be tweaked to the persons needs via a level system similar to the one displayed above. It is worth noting here that being in temperatures of this low for an extended period of time can be a major risk to health, 2-3 minutes is the most one should plan to use the facility for. These low cryotherapy temperatures can also leave the user with “burn” marks, this is caused by the ice cold liquid nitrogen making contact with the skin. Your professional who will be conducting the therapy session should issue the appropriate protective items before entering the chamber. It is a pretty crazy thought to think you could potentially be standing in -120 degrees Celsius. That’s definitely something which will send chills down your spine.

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